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>>> tonight on "nightline," americans under siege. another angry assault on a u.s. embassy in the middle east, as demonstrators breach the walls of the u.s. compound in yemen. amid growing protests across the region over a mysterious, inflammatory film that's igniting anti-american fury. >>> as mcdonald's announces it will post calorie counts on menus nationwide and big sodas are banked in restaurants in new york city. we ask, does any of this make a dent on the war on fat? >>> and, eureka! from a peel-free hard boiled egg maker to the next big gym craze, inside the nerve center that transforms wannabe-inventor's big ideas. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 13th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. tonight, it was a day of fury, as violent anti-american protests erupt at u.s. embassies across the arab world. in cairo tonight, clashes with police have turned violent, after hundreds stormed the american compound in yemen earlier today. it's all part of the
in and around us around 90. folks in gaithersburg, only in the high 80's. tharoor morning, there could be some patchy fog will have the rain earlier around culpeper. muggy and humid. 72 and 73 degrees. a slight risk of an afternoon shower. outdoor -- it will be 90 to 92. stay in the air conditioning in schools tomorrow. the pattern begins to break down as we get toward the weekend with temperatures and the weather front coming our way. temperatures by sunday into the high 70's to the low 80's which is kust average. >> two more days of 90's and it will feel more like september. >> the nfl season gets underway. what is up with the m? the nats >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> you do not have to be a baseball fan to enjoy what is taking place on south capitol street. it is a year earlier than anyone anticipated. but the nationals rocking the baseball world. they beat the cubs tonight again and it was like a party at the ballpark. the offense was once again hit parade. the nats up 2-0. he had his mom and dad in the stands. 3-0 nation
>>> tonight on "nightline." under attack, militants stormed a u.s. consulate in libya with rocket propelled grenades kills the american ambassador and others. >>> bye-bye buckyballs. they are popular toys, but kids are swallowing. one agency wants them off shelves for good. why this controversy has conservatives crying. and the right stuff. before "top gun" the usual suspects or "jaws" these hollywood stars got their start in intense acting competition. meet teens across l.a. taking the stage to compete for stardom. >>> good evening i'm terry moran, tonight americans under siege after heavily armed militants stormed the u.s. consulate in libya leaving the american ambassador and three others dead in the town of bengha benghazi. as president obama condemns this outrageous attack anti-american protesters spreading across the middle east in response to an anti-muslim film one backed by an infamous koran burning preacher. the flag is half staff for an american hero. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> reporter: he was 52 years old. a former peace c
. demonstrators torch u.s. embassies, destroy american businesses, even display photos of osama bin laden. as the bodies of four americans killed in libya return home, we have the latest on the full-blown crisis over an amateur but inflame toir movie. >>> the new oprah? the talk show queen is passing the torch to this straight-talking counselor whose specialty is fixing lives. tonight, oprah and iyanla vanzant talk about their new project and their famous feud. >>> and, battle royale. a topless photo scandal rocks the royal palace, as prince william and kate sue a magazine in a paparazzi skirmish reminiscent of the late princess diana. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 14th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm bill weir. well, the fires of anti-americanism are burning around the world tonight. all sparked by a film called "the innocence of muslims," which may not even be a real film. only a laughably amateurish trailer exists online, created by a convicted fraudster in hiding and de
. they are now everywhere including gossip sites in the u.s. >> there's nothing that will stop them from viewing the photos online. >> reporter: apparently british tabloid turned them down. but endless photos of pippa's bottom. clothed. but kate, topless, not a chance. >> poor girl will be afraid to take her socks off anywhere she goes. >> reporter: outside of britain, royal deference, evaporates. >> she's a young lady. she's nice, she's not bad, she's beautiful. >> reporter: today despite the legal action against the french magazine that first published the picture, an italian magazine put out a 26-page spread with the headline the queen is naked. well, not quite. the duchess would be no different than other celebs, beyonce or rihanna. she's one of the most photographed people on the world. and she decides to partially disrobe on a cal connie where it can be seen on a public road. they watch aid billion people to watch their wedding on tv and they demand a private life. these days, paparazzi culture born in britain is growing, global and insatiable. >> i started when i was in college in the lat
. >>> news now from the time capsule. we step back to 1960s. john f. kennedy is president and tonight, we learn that he had secretly installed microphones in the oval office controlled only by him recording over 200 hours behind closed doors. from national crises to tender family moments including ones with his daughter caroline who talked with abc's diane sawyer about the father she holds dear. >> reporter: you were there inside a presidential life. 265 hours of secret audiotapes. and listening to them all these years later a little girl all grown up who remembers the serious voices around her as she made paper clip necklaces in her favorite play house. >> i remember clearly being under the desk and trying to get candy from the grown ups around. obviously our dream was to be allowed into the office to see him. i used to go before school or walk over before school. >> reporter: caroline kennedy said it's wonderful to hear him laughing when she walks in demanding attention. >> i'll see you later. >> i won't let you do much. >> that sound is little john, pounding under the desk no idea he's
. one state department officer was killed, another injured during a militant assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, tonight. this is the city you'll recall where rebels held out against gadhafi's army last year until u.s. and nato forces flew to their revolutionary cause. in neighboring egypt it wasn't militants but angry protesters who rushed the walls of the u.s. embassy in cairo, tore down the american flag, and replaced it with a black islamist banner. all of it apparently sparked by an obscure american film critical of the prophet muhammad. after a clip was posted online, the embassy in cairo put out a statement condemning the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. tonight, the white house distanced itself from that statement, which the romney campaign called disgraceful. more details on this fluid situation as we get them. >>> but shifting gears now to the kind of story that fills any parent with dread and a bit of gratitude for the glories of technology, here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: chris powell found fam
the u.s.s. no longer just for marijuana and cocaine, but for testosterone and a variety of steroids. a amy brittain found a common theme. >> there was a need to feel stronger, faster, to feel better about yourself. >> reporter: testosterone is naturally occurring, which diminishes with age. but researchers we spoke to say normal testosterone levels fall into an incredibly vague thousands-point scale. in many cases, doctors are putting enthusiastic patients near the top end of the scale. a hormone level that may feel good, but with uncertain long-term effects. in san francisco, dr. karron power is a believer in testosterone. >> atom by atom, it matches what your body would have made on its own. >> reporter: doctors say the bad press is unfair, but in a strange way, also driving and in. >> so, in that way, the press that the athletes shine on testosterone drives men into the clinic for various other reasons. >> reporter: the new england journal of medicine finds only about 2% of men over 40 should be getting any boost at all. it's a statistic that some t users strongly disagree with.
west nile from the u.s. >> there's a 0% chance we can knock out west nile. it's here to stay. in the early fall and late summer they're at risk. >> reporter: i'm dr. richard from ft. collins colorado. >> thanks, doc. best wishes to joe and others. >>> up next warriors on water skies. the pitch fork wielding buddies showing there are new ways to catch a fish. that's good. call in the engineers. call in the car guys. call in the nerds. build a prototype. mold it. shape it. love it. give it a starting price under 16 grand. take it to the track. tweak. tweak. tweak. stop. take it to the car shows. call the critics. call the marketing team. get a celebrity endorser. he's perfect. i am? [ male announcer ] yes, you are. making a groundbreaking car -- it's that easy. ♪ at red lobster. there's so many choices, the guests love it! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently. >>> well, some fisherman opt for a split bamboo tie rod and hand-t
incumbent since the 80s. the campaign knows the big impact that clinton could have. >> clinton loves to be needed as much as he needs to be loved and he is needed by obama right now. >> reporter: tomorrow night the president will make his pitch to voters in this arena. the seats have been moved inside because of weather concerns but they won't let that rain on their parade are. >> september means the end of summer but it's also a great time to get great deals. >> coming up on the news, the things to look out for and to avoid in the month of september. >> and good news if you are a droid user. the storm shield app available for droid. check it out in the down load section and be sure to take a look at our storm shield app on the i-phone as well. >> and we are rock working for you with a warning about your frequent flyer miles. you may not be earning as many as you thought. we will explain when we come back. . >>> for sale signs are becoming harder to find in many neighborhoods. after several years a down housing market things are looking up. the 12 months the average price of a ho
made that argument by taking us all back to the future, recalling his own stewardship of the u.s. economy in the '90s when there was growth, jobs, balanced budgets, to make the case for barack obama. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now, no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: there was such drama in this moment beyond that stage. clinton, obama, 42 and 44, what a tangled relationship they have. >> both very competitive in their own ways. incredible leaders who are passionate about what they're doing. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel served as white house chief of staff for president obama and as a top adviser to president clinton. >> president obama would show up in the morning on time, here's the brief, here's the core subject, i got it, give me the assumption. president clinton would call me 2:00 in the morning, we're still working on how we get these votes. >> reporter: that difference made things tricky, e
. >> oh, my goodness, this was barack becoming a u.s. senator. i remember this so clearly. so how little sasha is. she walked up to vice president cheney, he reached out his hand to shake her hand. she slapped him a high-five and then she turned around and waved at the cameras and i thought, oh, my god, here we go. >> and here they go, again. this marathon run for a second term. by the way, she never mentioned the republican nominee in her speech by name. >> because for barack, success isn't about how much money you make. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> and her message seemed unmistakable. >> so in the end, for barack, these issues aren't political. they're personal. >> and her impact, not lost on the last democrat to be elected to a second term. >> i want a man who had the good sense to marry michele obama. >> by the way, in political terms, a kind of volcano, social media, tweeting 28,000 tweets a minute during her speech. >> do you know that you had 28,000 tweets? >> is that good? i don't know what is that? is that good? >> i would say that's good. >> i don't
communities in the u.s. ♪ at dodgers stadium when they plucked psy out of the crowd, dance cam had no shortage of people who knew his signature horse trot. and in beverly hills itself, rodeo drive at the salon by maxine. so if i use the phrase gangnam style, does that mean anything here in beverly hills? ♪ >> reporter: gangnam style flash mobs are also a youtube phenomenon. today we caught up with a choreographer hoz leading the flash mob scene. >> he's funny. anyone who is funny will capture an audience. >> you got to use your you were body also. it's a horse. psy was signed this week by justin bieber's manager. he's now poised to become the biggest korean popstar ever. >> to the future. ♪ >> reporter: psy is leading the charge, gangnam style. i'm david wright for "nightline" in beverly hills. >> oh, i'm worried about the "nightline" christmas party. thank you. thank you for watching abc news. gma will be waiting for you in the morning. have a great weekend, america. jimmy kimmel is next.
of whom seem to want to see the u.s. default. >> at one point of the meeting i look at myself, i look at the president and i just started chuckling to myself. >> reporter: here you're listening to speaker boehner when he talks to woodward about one of his early meetings with the president. >> because all you need to know about the ifrps dids between the president and myself is that i'm sitting here smoking a cigarette drinking merlot and i look across the table and here's the president of the united states drinking iced tea and chomping on nicorette. >> did you offer him a cigarette? >> oh, i did not. i did not. nor did he ask for one. >> reporter: president obama spoke to woodward in the oval office. >> by that time i quit smoking, but, you know, i was making sure he had an ashtray, you know, you know he'd be having a sip of wine and we could have a good conversation and i permanently think he genuinely wanted to get something done, so i'm feeling fairly optimistic. >> reporter: woodward calls it the merlot and nicorette meetings and initially the two sides inched toward each other a
. in fact, four bachelors from noble families across the world have gone under cover here in the u.s. posing as average joes in the pursuit of true love. but without a castle or all of that cash, can these pampered princes handle life as an american common here? here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it's every girl's dream to find her prince. the reality is there's quite a few out there. not just william and harry. these guys modern day royty. >> i am a prince in france. i would be second in line to be king. >> mine go back hundreds of years. the original holder was henry viii. a few people have heard of him. >> that's the henry viii, former king of england. and this is prince francisco of spain, the honorable watson of and his highness, prince babi of india. all royals who come to america looking for love. >> i think american girls would suit me better, because they seem more outgoing and more relaxed. on the streets of london, lord rob is highly recognizable. in addition to his lineage, he's also an underwear model who graced covers of several international magazines. >> a lost people sa
to escalating violence in afghanistan. tonight, u.s. officials announced the last of those surge troops are coming home, with a promise to get almost all of the troops out by 2014. as of tonight, about 68,000 remain in the war zone. thank you for watching abc news. we hope you check in on "good morning america" in the morning. and we'll see you back here tomorrow.
the staggered triple release a risky move. but for green day, it's nothing new. consider 2005's "american idiot." the rock opera turned broadway musical, now considered by many, the seminal album of the decade. ♪ calling out to idiot america >> reporter: the music was a condemnation of an ambivalent america led by george w. bush. >> we didn't know if people were going to agree with what we had to say or not. it was a bold statement and we made it. you know, it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done. we don't go by what the trends are, and i think that's what's created our longevity. >> reporter: on saturday, the band played with abandon for over 2 1/2 hours straight. ♪ whipping the crowd into a frenzy with a mix of old favorites and new releases. incredibly, after all these years, all three consider this the most creative time in their careers. >> we brought everything back into what it's all about to begin with and that is writing a good song. >> reporter: name an award, and they've probably won it. including five grammys. despite all their success, gree
the u.s. government to put diplomatic pressure on congo to help their people, the democrat is not campaigning the way he did in election years past. >> yeah, i got less interested. the more i was around it, i felt it was too much about money. if you are a surrogate, you are there to help raise money. if you are not, you watch what the campaigns are doing to raise money and i've been part of it. i participated in it but it just depresses me. it's not interesting and i think it doesn't reflect well on our democracy. >> reporter: and for now, he is content to enjoy this career sweet spot. getting ready to direct matt damon in the story of boston crime boss whitey bull gger. i wondered if damon gave him grief for showing his six-pack abs. >> might have been a two-pack. y >> reporter: you couldn't resist. sexiest man alive. >> the script was like, tony gets out of the shower and walks -- it was like a whole, you know thing and -- i was like, i'm just going -- how about just put the shirt and and we keep going. >> reporter: you have to service the lady fans out there. you have to
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